Education & Research

Our education and research is crucial to the micro living movement. Being able to develop programming that helps individuals and communities and Government entities understand, embrace, and realize the positive effects of micro living greatly improves our ability to drive change.



Over the years we have found subject matter experts to help grow the understanding and need for different size of housing products in the south. Our team is dedicated in elevating programming that helps individuals understand how to successfully implement micro housing into their own lives. Our events include housing policy, design, financing, zoning and research on how folks can attain smaller dwelling.


Research is crucial to help gather data for presentations and educational purposes to allow for diversification of housing options. This gives us the drive, the backing and the reason to bring more housing options to government entities, developers, and cities across the nation on explaining the markets and the desire for more Micro housing options.


It is essential to keep educating all that need to understand the benefits of micro living and we will continue to expand our programming to do so. It is crucial to help communities understand why microliving is so  important and how it can make a positive impact. Our research will help drive positive change in in how we talk, interact and build for future generations.