Bridge Homes (Amsterdam)


June 19, 2019

Hello from Amsterdam! Today’s adventure involves taking a tour of small bridge houses. These houses were built various years apart starting in 1673 to 2009. They were housing for the bridge operators and are located in hundreds of locations all across the city. Now with the advancement in bridge automation they are being reimagined into livable spaces as well as shops and hotels. We went into one that you’ll be able to see below that belongs to the Sweets Hotel. A group of 28 bridge houses have been converted into a hotel with rooms all across Amsterdam. Sizes range from 100 to 600 ft² each. You can take a virtual tour here and if you’re ever in Amsterdam you can tour and walk around or bike to each one and see all of these wonderful structures.

Below are other houses we were able to bike to and see on the outside.

These bridge houses are a prime example of how Amsterdam has used innovative housing options throughout the centuries. What innovative housing ideas would you create for your city? What could we repurpose to make cool housing options?

Will Johnston