Smallest House in Amsterdam!


June 20, 2019

So another place we found on a walking tour was the smallest house in Amsterdam! It is 3 floors and a total combined space of 288 SF! It is now a Tea Shop, Het Kleinste Huis. The tea shop is located on the main floor and the second and third floors serve as tiny tea rooms, each with just one table. Passed down from the family, the current owner has done an amazing job of documenting the history, even by the use of space as a tea shop. Dating back to 1738, this house sat adjacent to what was the East India House/ VOC, the largest spice trading company in the world at the time. Amsterdam, being the most powerful trading and merchant city of the Golden Age, grew its wealth through trading that allowed for the beautiful buildings and infrastructure of the Golden Age to flourish.

The Smallest House in Amsterdam has hosted several shops and residences over the centuries and is only 96 sf per floor. Originally, there was a shop on the main floor with the kitchen and living area on the second floor, and bedroom and bath on the third. This structure has housed a craftsman, watchmaker, optometrist, flower shop and tiny boutique. A tiny house and tiny business all in under 300 square feet is very inspirational! Learn more about the history of the Smallest House In Amsterdam.

Will JohnstonComment