Tiny Houses of Westerstraat (Amsterdam )

Tiny Houses of Westerstraat

Tiny Houses of Westerstraat

June 21, 2019

Just like every city there are random moments that remind you of home. As we were dashing around Amsterdam on our bikes we came upon the tiny houses on Westerstraat. These 7 homes placed in a 4-inch gap between row homes reminded us of our beloved Tiny Doors Atlanta @tinydoorsatl and brought out the curiosity and wanderlust of Amsterdam and sparked imaginative scenarios of tiny fairy Dutchmen enjoying their lives. Of course there is an explanation behind these small homes. When you visit, you will notice the house numbers skip from 54 directly to 70. Units 56-68 have basically disappeared. They used to exist and were accessible by the bottom door which used to go to a courtyard with all of the corresponding numbers and doors.


Eventually it was closed off and as a practical joke a marketing company created the mini historic row homes and had them placed in the gap.

Though they might represent number of homes that are lost I am a believer and my imagination gets the best of me as I say the little fairy Dutchmen that are living in these homes are living quite the life! Party on, tiny Dutchmen, party on. 


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