MicroLife in Amsterdam!


Finding Space in Amsterdam

MicroLife Institute Abroad

June 17, 2019

This week the MicroLife Institute finds itself in Amsterdam. So why are we here? What could possibly interest us in Amsterdam?

Well first of all, Amsterdam has a population density of 5,155 people per square mile compared to Atlanta’s 630. That’s quite a difference. How do they get so many people in and keep the noise and traffic down? Did you know 2/3 of Amsterdam residents live in less than 870 ft.² and the average couple or individual lives in 430 ft²? Not to mention there are over 881,000 bikes within the city and only one 1 of 4 people drive a car. So with a majority of its population not driving and living micro we decided we wanted to know how Amsterdam utilizes its space.

This city has many innovating and modern ways to fit sustainable housing into its mix. Come join us as we take tours, listen to talks and meet with different individuals about Amsterdam housing options.  Stayed tuned for posts, pictures and thoughts. Want us to look at something or hear an idea? Email Will and Kim at info@microlifeinstitute.org!