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Clarkston, GA. –– On Tuesday, May 7th, the City of Clarkston unanimously voted to approve a first of its kind tiny home development. The project, “The Cottages on Vaughan” is situated on a half-acre lot centrally located one block from downtown Clarkston, and will include eight tiny homes on permanent foundations, ranging from 250-492 square feet. This will be the first cottage court in Georgia with tiny homes under 500 square feet that will be available to the general public for purchase.

“We are proud to partner with the MicroLife Institute on this innovative new approach to housing,” said City of Clarkston Mayor, Ted Terry. “We recognize that the past 50 years of urban sprawl has segregated communities, contributed to global warming, and exacerbated housing inequality. By experimenting and innovating with new development ordinances, we are able to allow a greater range of housing options.”

Clarkston currently has a high percentage of rental properties, with primarily 1970s era apartment complexes accounting for more than 80% of the city’s existing housing stock.

“The approval of this project represents a move towards achieving one of the top prioritized in our 2040 comprehensive plan –– increasing stability in our housing market by providing more home ownership opportunities,” council member Jamie Carroll said. “I hope that other cities will look at our tiny home ordinance and this development and see that it is possible to create a housing landscape that allows for home ownership to come in all shapes and sizes.”

The developer, The MicroLife Institute, is an Atlanta-based nonprofit working to create micro-communities.

“This project will be a proof of concept for us,” MicroLife Institute co-founder Kim Bucciero said. “There is a lot of interest and movement towards tiny homes and cottage homes, but many developers are hesitant to enter the market. Our hope is that this project will encourage other municipalities and private developers to experiment with new, innovate development paradigms and learn from this great case study.” 

The development comes nearly 14 months after the passage of the city’s tiny-home ordinance.

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About the City of Clarkston

Known as the most ethnically diverse square mile in America, Clarkston is noted for its welcoming policies for immigrants and refugees, and it’s compassionate approach to governing. Clarkston is noted for being the first city in Georgia to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr for city employees, making Election Day a holiday, and decriminalizing simple marijuana possession. The city has also enacted the strictest indoor smoking ordinance in the state, a public health measure to reduce secondhand smoke related illness in Clarkston. The city is currently working on innovative new models around civilian led policing, tiny house developments and micro-farming, and recently committed to a goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050.

About the MicroLife Institute

MicroLife Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating individuals, groups and cities about the positive impacts of micro living. By connecting thought leaders and professionals we encourage and enable developments of walkable, sustainable “micro-hood” communities.