2018 Summit Schedule & Speakers

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2018 Key Note Speaker:
Ross Chapin

Ross Chapin is an architect, neighborhood planner and author based near Seattle, WA. He is a passionate advocate for pocket neighborhoods, a term he coined for small groupings of neighbors around shared commons, which he sees as building blocks for vibrant and resilient communities. Since 1997, Ross has designed and partnered in developing seven pocket neighborhoods and has designed dozens of communities for developers across North America, many of which have received international media coverage, professional peer review and national design awards. Ross’s work and ideas have been featured in more than 40 books and in numerous publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, AARP Bulletin, Forbes, Planning Magazine, Architectural Record and Builder Magazine.Ross’s own book, Pocket Neighborhoods: Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World, has been widely read, shifting the thinking of developers, policy makers, architects, homebuyers and community advocates.

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